Winner Lose All – Reviews – 12/25/13

Here’s a sample of recent reviews for this 5-Star thriller novel:

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Winner Lose All – William F. Brown – Author – thriller novels and action adventure e-book novels

5-Stars! from Michael Penn, Amazon Reviewer: “Great Read! Very good story keeps you interested in the story line never boring or slow. What a great story line and read.”

5-Stars! from Charles A. Marcotte, Amazon Reviewer:  “A great WWII spy adventure! A great story that you will find hard to put down once you have started reading. A perfect weave of history and fiction!”

5-Stars! from Joanne Athney, Amazon Reviewer:  Love this author!  Everything he writes has been great, well researched.”

5-Stars! from D. Duncan, Amazon Reviewer:  “It is a real good World War II spy thriller. The author did a great job writing this book, his ability to make you feel like you were part of the storyline, you could feel, hear and see the pain, excitement, and death. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes war and spy thrillers. Really great read!”

5-Stars! from R. P., Amazon Reviewer: “Wow! What a Great Read!  William F Brown’s books just keep getting better. I can’t wait to read his next one. I’m sure other readers will agree.”

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William F. Brown – Author
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5-Stars! from Wilson H. Yerk, Amazon Reviewer:  “Action, Adventure, and Passion! A spy novel with the true passion of a love story, based on a true story? Maybe! A book I truly could not put down.”

5-Stars! from Mike Nash, Amazon Reviewer:  “This is a good book by an author who has taken it on himself to revisit some of the truly history-shaping events of the past 6 or so decades with emphasis on many issues largely ignored by other authors. It’s a fast paced story set in Germany at the end of the second world war and the race to secure the German technology behind jet aircraft. It depicted in what seemed a really credible way the evolution of the distrust between our government and that of the soviets at this time. His depiction of the leadership of the USSR and particularly the role played by the paranoia endemic in all Russian leaders since the czars and how it affects their suspicion of the west is well played in this novel. Plenty of action and suspense, but good political background as well.

 5-Stars! from Jan Joslin, Amazon Reviewer:  “WWII Spy Thriller!  So easy to read, as Brown’s novels are, and, since I grew up learning so much about WWII, I was able to follow and remember the history that the book focuses on. Nice development of characters, too.”

5-Stars! from Don B., Amazon Reviewer:  “A very interesting spy action novel based in an earlier time frame. As with all of Mr. Brown’s books it can be related to fishing. It set the hook very early on and spends the rest of the time reeling you in while playing with you as you fight to determine where it is going and if you can get there before he does. Even if you are a avid reader, don’t bet on your self to get to the end first because he does not always follow the typical deception rules of many less accomplished authors. He leads you down the path and points out the way then draws you down a different path like many authors do, but the real path does not even show up until near the very end. Oh you may pass by it many times without recognizing it, but it does not become visible to you until the end. Even though you may have seen it, you don’t pay any attention you are taken by the hand and walked down the correct road. Good job Mr. Brown! I loved it.”

5-Stars! from Tantegloryglo, Amazon Reviewer:  “This was a really great read. It’s a thrilling action piece set in Germany during the ending stages of WWII. It had everything espionage, romance and history. It’s peopled with both real and fictional characters. Five stars for writing. The plot was great and the characters well developed. Five stars for giving insight into some of the things that were going on in the closing stages of war on the European front. Five stars for a really beautiful romantic story and for a hero and heroine who were very likeable. Five stars for keeping me glued to my Kindle. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a serious reader.”

5-Stars! from Ronald R. Wills, Amazon Reviewer:  “A sequel would be great! I liked the characters. It was very action packed. The story could have really been true. It was easy to follow and hard to put down.”

5-Stars! from Nice Guy, Amazon Reviewer: Well-Written Spy vs. Spy Set at the End of WW II. A historical novel set at the end of WW II between the key Allies over the German scientists behind the German jet planes. The Russians want them and send a female agent to get them. The Americans and the British pretend to cooperate to get the scientists, but Churchill does not want the Americans to be successful. The Western Allies send an American spy, but he and the Russian spy are in love with each other. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot with strong characters, including a Gestapo officer with an eye for films, fine cars and fine clothes, a Luftwaffe officer and a young female math genius.”

5-Stars! from G. C. Whitney, Amazon Reviewer: Terrific and Believable WWII Thriller!  At the start of this book the reader has no idea where the story is taking him but, as the plot develops, the characters become entangled with each other in a manner that one could never envisioned. What makes this story great is that it makes sense historically and could have actually taken place in the final years of WWII. The author has done considerable research concerning the world situation at that time, as well as the various characters on the world stage during that period. If there were 6 Stars, I would give this book that rating!

5-Stars! from Ted Shanks “Theo”, Amazon Reviewer:  “Terrific Spy Thriller!  A great story, terrific characters could be a great movie but I don’t know who would play these characters their very strong.

5-Stars! from Albert L. Brassingham, Amazon Reviewer: The Grab for the Goodies! Winner Lose All is good story by William F. Brown, a multi-layer story with villains and heroes acting out on a stage with the fall of German and the coming Cold War as a back drop. This novel is different than the two I have read, “Thursday at Noon” and “Aim True My Brothers”. This story deals in the layers of relationships. I found the story a good read and I can recommend it.”

5-Stars! from Dan N, Amazon Reviewer: Hard to Put Down! I’m about a third of he way in in one night. Hard to but down. Got a late start will finish tonight!”

5-Stars! from William B. Kellenberger, Amazon Reviewer:  A Good WWII Tale! An interesting novel set in WWII. In addition to the ‘spy’ nature of the book, a love story also plays a major role in the telling. The characters are well drawn and realistic. Kept me interested all the way through… a book that I found hard to put down.”

5-Stars! from Ted Shanks “Theo”, Amazon Reviewer:  “Good, Fast-Paced! This was a great novel. Moved at a good pace, no boring chapters. Also, events were not predictable. I really enjoyed reading this book.”

5-Stars! from ‘Saved Man,’ Amazon Reviewer:  Super Read! Nice paced and documented on facts from the end of WW2. My kind of spy novel, just kept me up WAY past bedtime! I just picked up the author’s first two books to read and am having the same issue.”

5-Stars! from Rex, Amazon Reviewer:  “Excellent reading!  Superb reading with a well placed story line and very believable characters. A must read if you like spy novels.”

5-Stars! from Wayne, Amazon Reviewer:  “A real winner!  “This is an extremely well written book. It will draw you in to the point where you can’t put it down. It has something for everyone, war ,action, adventure and even romance.”

5-Stars! from Barrie M ‘Madmolbar’ , Amazon Reviewer:  “A Wonderful war/espionage/cold war thriller!  Another superbly planned and written story inserting fictional characters into historical fact resulting in a can’t put down drama. I loved it and look forward to reading more of this author’s work. Being of an age where I have lived through the Cold War, visited Leipzig within days of the wall coming down, and seen the war time damage to that City which was still evident 30 years or so after the end of WW II, I found the location of this story particularly poignant. Well done Mr. Brown and long may you continue. “

5-Stars! from ApplesMom1952, Amazon Reviewer:  “Truly a Winner!  From start to finish this one kept my attention. I didn’t even skip to the end to see how it would end and then go back. To follow these well developed characters in the constant action kept me going and not sleeping until I finished the book. There were surprises at every turn, especially at the end. The title is hard to figure out until you read the story and then you think about life and realize that often even when you win, you lose. I highly recommend this book and I’m usually not really into the spy genre.”