About Me

I live in Florida.  As a Vice President of the real estate subsidiary of a Fortune 500 corporation, I traveled widely in the US and abroad.  A native of Chicago, I earned a BA in History and

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William F. Brown – Author
thriller novels and murder mysteries

Russian Area Studies and a Master of Urban Planning degree from the  University of Illinois.  (Go Illini!)  I’ve been active in politics (I had the stupidity to run and the misfortune to win a -year seat on a County Board of Supervisors) (more hard time than you’d get for armed robbery, car theft, or embezzlement in most states!) and active in numerous civic organizations.  I served in the US Army and was a company commander and drug counselor.  (The only two places in the country that teach leadership and organizational management are the Boy Scouts and the Army)   When I’m not writing thriller novels, I like to play golf (usually poorly) paint landscapes in oil or acrylics and running 5Ks.  (slower every year). My wife and I have traveled extensively in Germany, Russia, the Caribbean, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Egypt, and Israel.