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Aim True, My Brothers
Thriller Novel and Murder Mystery – William F. Brown

5-Stars! from William B. Kellenberger, Amazon Reviewer  “Could Be From The Morning Paper. The timing of this book is very contemporary and could have been on the morning news. I found it hard to put down, and feel it could make a great movie. Lots of action and a straightforward plot. There aren’t many ‘plot twists’, but the story is very linear and easy to keep track of what’s happening. I have a copy of his audio book “The Undertaker” audiobook on my iTouch, and as soon as I finish the one I’m currently listening to, I’ll be jumping on it. Brown has found a fan.”

5-Stars! from Glynn Young, Book Blogger:Riveting Story from Today’s Headlines. Writer William Brown serves up another espionage thriller, and this one is just as “hang on by your fingernails” a suspense story as his “The Undertaker,” “Winner Lose All,” “Thursday at Noon,” and “Amongst My Enemies.” I’ve read them all and they’re all riveting works. Brown swiftly moves the story from the back streets of Washington, D.C., northern Israel, to Boston, the White House, and historic Virginia. The reader is given the story through the action of Al-Bari the terrorist as he moves toward the culmination of his plan and how the three agents begin to track him. And Brown mixes in international politics and a nice dose of betrayal. It is fast-paced and well written, with a sense of immediacy and a story that could have been taken from today’s headlines.”

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William F. Brown – Author
thriller novels and murder mysteries

5-Stars! from Debbie Garrett, Amazon Reviewer“Enjoyed! Fast paced and hard to put down. Would recommend to anyone.”

5-Stars! fromMorty Fink, Amazon Reviewer:Bravo Brown! Another fast paced read from William F. Brown. He’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. Love the attention to detail.”

5-Stars! from Eward A. Grant, Amazon Reviewer: “Excellent Nail Biter!!!  Well written “edge of your seat” thriller by William Brown. Could not get to the climax fast enough- Loved it.”

5-Stars! from Jim, Amazon Reviewer:  “A Thriller From Today’s Headlines!”  Another winner from Bill Brown. I can tell you, this is a real page turner. It has about everything you would want, bad people from the mid-east, that want to kill some pretty high up people right here in the good old USA. Brown’s books should be movies. This is the latest he’s written. You won’t be disappointed, guaranteed!” 

5-Stars! from Ron Morris, Amazon Reviewer:  “A Military Action/Adventure Book That You Will Not Want To Put Down!!  You can tell that Mr. Brown has an in-depth knowledge of military strategy, tactics and foreign affairs with this latest book. It was a page turner from start to finish, always making me ask myself what was going to happen next. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a superb read that they won’t be able to put down.”

5-Stars! from the Dutchman, Amazon Reviewer:  “Another Great Read from William Brown!  I admit to being biased as to his books and this one did nothing to dissuade or change that bias. He has written another great read. I found myself chuckling at times, though I admit to a bit of a sarcastic bent. I would hope the author would continue some future works with the main protagonists from this book. I would highly recommend this book. It was very “believable” with an “edge of your seat” ending.”5-Stars! from Christoph Fischer Books, Amazon Reviewer:  “AGood Thriller! This is a well written action packed thriller with an excellent storyline that runs across Israel, the rest of the Middle East and the US. Terrorists, spies, FBI agents are in a run against time while their respective personal motifs come into unforeseen play as the plot unfolds. Intriguing with a rewarding ending.”

5-Stars! from the Dutchman, Amazon Reviewer:  A Must Read Full of Action!       This is a fast-paced action-filled story of intrigue and espionage. Well written. I loved all of William Browns books, and this is right up there on top! Check out his Audio book too, The Undertaker. That’s my next stop!”

5-Stars! fromCycist “SciFi Fan,” Amazon Reviewer:Fantastic read! An excellent, fast paced thriller I could not put down…..HAD to finish before I could otherwise start my day!! I’ve enjoyed other books by this author and feel this is his best. Can’t wait for the next book! If you like contemporary thrillers you will love this book. Stop reading this review and buy it now!”

5-Stars! fromA Navy Vet…VT town, Amazon Reviewer: “From the Mid East to US and back again. an excellent read. Action developing on many fronts; characters are well-defined; and toss in a little IRA for that extra-something special. And, a superb ending in two different countries. Most highly recommended.”

5-Stars! fromAlbert L. Brasington, Author and Amazon Reviewer:Action Packed Thriller!  I found myself unable to put the book down. Bill Brown throws enough twists to kept me wondering what was next. The setting is the near future and I found this novel a lot more entertaining than Hollywood’s recent attempts. If you want to read a spy thriller I recommend this book.”

5-Stars! fromSimcha Evron, Amazon Reviewer: “It could happen today or tomorrow, part fiction part near reality! I liked it. lots of suspense, a bit of humor and at the right time and place. good description of characters and locations. Reading the book while watching the news on tv was almost like seeing two broadcasts. Highly recommended.”

5-Stars! fromRobert W. Drury, Amazon Reviewer: “Another “Must Read” Book from William Brown. This is an excellent book with a clever, believable plot and a taut, fast paced story line. The action is seamless, and you don’t want to put this book down.”

5-Stars! fromDonb, Amazon Reviewer:Very interesting take on what could happen right here in the good old US of A!  (Brown’s) style of writing for this type of action book is absolutely superb. He is one of the exceptional. It commanded me to keep reading so I could keep up with what was happening. I suspect that many who read one of his books are reading all of them. See for your self!”5-Stars! fromGinnyReader, Amazon Reviewer: “Wow! Very relevant for our times! I have read all William Brown’s books, but this one had me on the edge of my seat! There are many twists and turns in the book. I loved how all the characters were written. Action is packed into every minute. This author can take you anywhere with his imagery – from the seashore off Israel to the Embassies in DC to a campground near Yorktown. He knows the geography and the people of each area. He also knows weapons and what they can do. You are THERE when you read his books. There are no doubts that this could happen right here in the USA. It was just an all-round great book!! I highly recommend it!”

Tanja, Amazon Reviewer: “MUST READ!” “Action packed political thriller with a twist! Browns cast of characters will take you into a world of intrigue and mayhem. Whether it ‘s Al -Bari, set on vengeance, or Barrett, whose witty humor keeps him in the ‘dog house’ more often than not. Terrific read!”

5-Stars! fromRobert Krueger, Amazon Reviewer: “Top Notch! “Grabs your interest from the first pages! This is more than a political action thriller. Politics and terrorism converge in a suspense filled action drama. Descriptions of places, people, and combat actions bring the reader directly into the story!”