FREE Copy of Audio Book – Aim True, My Brothers – Thriller Novels

Audible and Amazon have released the audio book edition of my recent domestic thriller novel, ‘Aim True, My Brothers’ on both sites. The E-Book edition has an average rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 from readers.  A prestigious Audible Stipend Award winner, it is narrated by veteran Hollywood voice actor Eddie Frierson.  It can be found on Audible for download at

If you would like a FREE copy, e-mail me at and I’ll send you a download.

A contemporary, political action thriller novel set in Washington DC and Virginia, when Middle East terrorism explodes on American shores. Ibrahim Al-Bari is a highly skilled Hamas commander who has battled and killed Americans throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. After losing two brothers and a sister in a bloody attack on a civilian bus in Israel, Al-Bari decides that fighting US surrogates in far-away places is a futile waste of Palestinian blood. “To kill a snake, you must go to its lair and cut off its head,” he says, as he decides to take his war private war and strike at the heart of the American government itself. No simple man with a rifle in a book depository window; when Al-Bari strikes, he will unleash an old weapon that will take out the President and many other national and international leaders in a dramatic, fiery attack on national television. In this fast-paced murder mystery, trying to find him and stop him, is Eddie Rankin, a maverick FBI agent, who has never met a rule he couldn’t break; Moustapha ‘Mouse’ Khalidi, the smooth, urbane Chief of Security at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington; and Rachel Ullman, a hard-edged, female Israeli Mossad agent, counter-terror specialist, and killer, who lost her own family to a suicide bomber. The question is, with their personal frictions and contradictory orders, can this temporary, dysfunctional alliance hold together long enough to catch Al-Bari before they kill each other — and the clock is ticking.

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