Thriller Novels – Amongst My Enemies now out on Audio Book too!

The audio book edition of my thriller novel Amongst My Enemies was released today on Audible, the Amazon and ITunes audio subsidiary.  With 127 Amazon Reviews, 71 of which are 5-Star, this action adventure novel should make a great listen too.

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Amongst My Enemies
Thriller Novels
By William F. Brown

A historic period piece, this action adventure thriller novel is set in the 1950′s and deals with one man’s search for redemption and revenge. Inside an old German U-Boat rusting on the bottom of the Baltic are millions in gold bars, stolen art, and a secret that could tear NATO apart. The only one who knows the truth in this military thriller is Mike Randall, a battle-scarred American who survived four months in the frozen Hell of northern Germany at the end of WW II. When he does speak up in this mystery thriller novel, he puts a target on his own forehead, one which the Russians, the West Germans, the U-boat’s former owners, the Israeli Mossad, and even his own government quickly take aim at. Some want the gold, some want him dead, and some want proof about a high-ranking spy inside NATO itself, in this top thriller novel you can’t put down. Randall’s wants are much simpler. Caught between the Kremlin and a new, deadly, 4th Reich, he wants revenge and to satisfy some old debts with a steel-jacketed bullet.

If you like good fiction books, put this new fast-moving, Cold War action adventure spy thriller in your Cart. It is from the author of The Undertaker, Thursday at Noon, Winner Lose All, and Aim True, My Brothers, and is also now available in Audio Book from Audible and Amazon. Enjoy!

You can read it’s latest reviews and Chapter 1 on my web page,

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