5-Stars! and “Wow!’ for ‘The Undertaker’ from Amazon Reviewer Karen Dahood.

5-Stars!   “Unexpected Charms!   Wow! I read the Prologue and decided I wasn’t going to like this book.  Then I read Chapter One and was hooked.  I read Chapters Two and Three.  I had to put it down and do other things, but took it up again at bedtime, waking in the morning to find I had left my light on and my Kindle still beside me … I especially liked the juxtaposition of familiar and weird details in the Chicago scenes … Brown’s originality peaks in his use of one of the most bizarre weapons you could imagine (‘bet you can’t).  He writes a good romance, too, psychologically deep and yet amusing.  The clever, kick-butt Sandy accompanies Pete all the way back to Boston, New York and D.C …  Brown has a crazy imagination, but there are enough references to familiar landmarks in these cities that you will go along with him as the plot races toward a deadline.” 

                Karen J. Dahood, Amazon Reviewer

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