‘The Undertaker’ is “Delicious, Snarky, Cynical, Funny, and 5-Stars!” says What Book Is That

5-Stars!    “This story was delicious!   Snarky and wired, cynical and funny, it was everything a good mob thriller should be and more.  For me as a reader, a thriller needs to be able to make me forget that the violence is actually violence and that crappy people are just that and make me want to see how all the elements come together; The Undertaker certainly delivered on that promise . . .  There is plenty of adventure to be had as we careen towards the ending of this story; the author is firmly in command of the direction of the and nothing is left to chance.   Every detail is important, and I caught myself doing the reader fist pump when I correctly figured out how a piece of the story fit into the bigger picture.  I was sucked in as a reader and wasn’t released until the story was over . . . The ending was better than I could have hoped for, too.”

Emily, What Book is That

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