My Screenplays

I have written four screenplays during my ‘Flirting with Hollywood’ phase.   Three were adaptations of my suspense novels and all three won or placed in various national screenplay contests.    They are finished, polished, and camera ready, if any of you Hollywood types woudl like to see them!

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William F. Brown – Author
thriller novels and murder mysteries

One was a Finalist in the “So You Want To Sell a Script Contest,” First Place in the Suspense Category of the Final Draft contest, Finalist in Fade In, First Place in Screenwriter’s Utopia Screenwriter’s Showcase Awards, Second Place in the American Screenwriter’s Association, Second Placeat Breckenridge.   One was optioned by a small producer.     An early version of The Undertaker won the Columbus Discovery Award presented to me at the Hollywood Film Festival.    As a novelist, the major value to me of trying my hand was to learn dramatic pacing, structure, dialogue, and the discipline it takes to write in that structure.  If you then bring those skills back to your fiction and novel writing, you have gained a lot.

“The Wrath of God” is the title of my adaptation of my novel  Thursday at Noon.

“Target of Opportunity” is the title of my adaptation of my novel  The Allah Conspiracy.

“The Shell Game” is the title of my adaptation of my novel  The Undertaker.

In addition, I have written “A gathering Together”, a domestic, multi-generational family drama which deals with life, death, and the tensions and secrets that bring people together and tear them apart.

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