4-Stars! The Godfather of the Knight-Errant Thriller Novel – John D. McDonald, Dress Her in Indigo, and Travis McGee

“I think I discovered John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee thriller novels when I was a senior in high school and devoured all 21 at least once. At the time, they were breaths of fresh, exciting air from one of the prolific giants in the mystery-suspense field with over 78 books to his credit. His lead character, Travis McGee is an errant knight with a deep concern for the environment and a sense of fairness. He can’t abide brutality or wrongs that need righting, and he usually figures out a way to fix them. Unfortunately, MacDonald died in 1986. While the Travis McGee series remained available in paperback, Amazon wasn’t able to bring out Kindle editions until earlier this year. Regrettably, they are prices at $9.99, which is a bit high. The stories remain good reads, but after a steady diet of Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Daniel Silva, David Baldacci, Dennis Lehane, Vince Flynn, and others, I found Dress Her in Indigo a bit dated and slow. In his day, he took the craft to a new level, but a lot of new writers have now passed him by. Still, without Travis McGee, there would be no Jack Reacher; and John D. McDonald is always worth a read.”

William F. Brown is the author of 5 thriller novels with over 300 Five-Star Reviews: The Undertaker, Amongst My Enemies, Thursday at Noon, Winner Take All, and now Aim True, My Brothers. They are all available on Kindle and now on Audible Audio Books. You read about them at billbrownwritesnovels.wordpress.com

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One Response to 4-Stars! The Godfather of the Knight-Errant Thriller Novel – John D. McDonald, Dress Her in Indigo, and Travis McGee

  1. kindigjerri says:

    I have read his books, they are good. I love a good thriller. I recommend James Larranaga, I am reading his book In the Company of Wolves. What a great thriller read, there are some really good ones out there, lots of good reading to be done!

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